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Gordonstoun Triathlons are organised by Moray Firth Triathlon Club all events are fully sanctioned by Triathlon Scotland. 

Novice Event :
275m Pool Swim (12 lengths,  25 yard pool)
6 Km Cycle (off road, within the Gordonstoun grounds. Mountain Bike or Hybrid bikes suitable)
2.4 Km Run (off road, within the Gordonstoun grounds)
This event is open to competitors of all abilities and is ideally suited to first-timers and beginners. 
Entrants must be aged 13 or older on 31 December 2018.

Sprint Event :
777m Pool Swim (34 lengths of the 25 yard pool)
24 Km Cycle (on public roads - 2 Laps. Any type of bike would be suitable)
5.0 Km Run (off road, within the Gordonstoun grounds) 
This event is open to competitors of all abilities. 
Entrants must be aged 15 or older on 31 December 2018.

As the cycle takes place on public roads, Juniors will need to be accompanied at the event by a responsible adult. We will also require written parental consent.

Entry Prices : 
Novice Event : Adults £25 (£19 for members of Triathlon Scotland) 
                                 Junior £15
                                 Relay £45
Sprint Event :  Adults £35 (£29 for members of Triathlon Scotland)
                                 Junior £25 (£19 for members of Triathlon Scotland)
                                 Relay £45

For both events Junior age is 16 or under on 31 December 2018
                         Adult  age is 17 or over on 31 December 2018

Race License. A race license provides you with insurance cover during racing and training with triathlon clubs. They are either available for a year from the governing body Triathlon Scotland, or race by race. Those people without a yearly race license, pay a higher entry fee which effectively provides them with a race day only license. You may join Triathlon Scotland on the day of the race, if you are not already a member. See information about joining Triathlon Scotland  here .

Entry Exchanges
We do not offer a facility to exchange entry places prior to the event under any circumstances.  This also applies to people arriving at the event wishing to take another person's place.  Identities are carefully checked at Event Registration and any "substitutes" will be rejected.

Refund Policy 
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.